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Juror Terms And Conditions (continued)

Obligations of Jurors to JuryMatters

Provide Thorough, Accurate Information: I agree to register my correct name and U.S. postal mailing address on this Site. I acknowledge that JuryMatters is not responsible for payments not received or not negotiable because of my failure to register my correct name or U.S. Postal mailing address. I agree that I am responsible for answering the questions fully and agree that I will use reasonable efforts to be accurate and thorough when reviewing cases, answering questions, and providing comments. I acknowledge that and that I will be paid only for verdicts which are complete. I accept that I can register only once as a Juror and am eligible to be paid only once for each case I chose to review. I agree not to accept any cases for deliberation if I have been called for Jury Duty at that time.

Confidentiality: I agree not to discuss or share the facts of JuryMatters cases with any person or organization other than JuryMatters. I recognize that people I know could be called by the Local, County, State or Federal Government to serve as actual Jurors on a case and that my discussion of the JuryMatters case “facts” could infringe on the rights of the parties in the actual Court Case. I understand that, whenever possible, fictitious names will be used for the people and businesses involved with the cases sent to Jurors by JuryMatters. In the event that a real name is used or I discover the real name of a person or business, I agree not to share any information about the case with anyone except JuryMatters.

Choosing Cases and Ending Participation: I understand that I can choose to or not to review individual cases. I acknowledge that I have a right to end my participation at any time by either: 1) sending notice via e-mail to unregister@JuryMatters.com that I no longer wish to receive e-mail notifications of new cases, or 2) simply not returning to this Site. I understand that I will be paid for any cases that I have completed and for which the verdict has been accepted prior to ending my participation.

Not Legal Advice: I understand and acknowledge that, although this Site involves attorneys, cases, and certain aspects of the law, this Site does not provide legal advice. Furthermore, I am not relying upon any of the information contained on this Site for legal advice.

Complete Agreement: These Terms and Conditions represent the complete agreement between JuryMatters and me and supersedes any other written or oral agreements. I understand and agree that JuryMatters may amend or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and will keep them updated on this Site. My continued participation as a Juror indicates my acceptance of the current or modified Terms and Conditions.