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Juror Terms And Conditions

By registering as a Juror, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined below as well as the Terms and Conditions for All Users. These describe JuryMatters’ responsibilities and obligations to our registered Jurors, as well as registered Jurors’ responsibilities and obligations to JuryMatters.
Parties: These Terms and Conditions are an agreement by and between JuryMatters, Inc. (referred to as "JuryMatters") and each individual who registers to serve as an on-line Juror (referred to as "I" or "me").

Responsibilities and Obligations of JuryMatters to Registered Jurors

Payment: I understand that JuryMatters will pay me for my participation in reviewing cases (including answering multiple choice questions and providing comments) within thirty (30) days of entering my Verdict on-line. I acknowledge that the amount to be paid will be specified in the “You’ve Got a Case” e-mail notification I receive at the beginning of each case. I agree that I am responsible for answering the questions fully and that I will be paid only for verdicts which are complete. I understand that I will not be paid, if the required number of verdicts has been received by JuryMatters from other Jurors before I respond. If the required number of verdicts has already been reached prior to my beginning my participation in a case, JuryMatters will inform me at the time that I visit the "My Case" web page.

Confidentiality: I understand that JuryMatters will take all possible actions to maintain the confidentiality of my name, personal information and verdicts on cases I review. JuryMatters will not sell, rent or share my information, with any persons or organizations other than the Attorney who has submitted the case, in which case I will never be identified by name. I acknowledge, however, that unauthorized access to this Site is, always possible, despite precautions. I agree to release and hold harmless JuryMatters, its employees and agents, from all liability, responsibility, or damage which may occur from unauthorized access to this Site and the records of JuryMatters.

My Privilege to Participate: I agree that JuryMatters may terminate my access to this Site, and/or limit or deny my participation in the review of cases on this Site, at any time, and without prior notice, for any reason, including my failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions. I understand that I will be paid for any cases that I have completed and for which the verdict has been accepted prior to ending my participation.