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Terms and Conditions Specific to Attorneys and Law Firms
By subscribing with JuryMatters, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined below and in the Terms and Conditions for All Users. The Terms and Conditions below describe JuryMatters’ responsibilities and obligations to our subscribing and subscribed Attorneys and Law Firms (“Attorneys”), as well as responsibilities and obligations of the Attorneys to JuryMatters. Parties: These Terms and Conditions are an agreement by and between JuryMatters (referred to as "JuryMatters") and each individual Attorney or Law Firm who subscribes to JuryMatters (referred to as "I" or "me").

Responsibilities and Obligations of JuryMatters to Attorneys

Confidentiality: I understand that JuryMatters will take prudent action to maintain the confidentiality of my name and my Firm’s, information about my Firm and the parties to the cases we submit to JuryMatters for review, as well as the verdicts on cases reviewed. JuryMatters will not sell, share, transfer, rent, or barter the information that they collect from me or about me and my cases with any third parties without my permission. (View JuryMatters’ Privacy and Security Policy). I acknowledge, however, that unauthorized access to this Site is always possible, despite precautions. I agree to release and hold harmless JuryMatters, its employees and agents, from all liability, responsibility, or damage which may occur from unauthorized access to this Site and the records of JuryMatters.
Costs: I understand that there is no cost to subscribe to JuryMatters. The Fees I pay to JuryMatters are associated with and specific to the cases I submit to JuryMatters for review.
Work Product:  I am aware that, in exchange for a pre-agreed Fee, JuryMatters will provide me with a Case Report which includes an analysis of a pre-agreed number of Juror’s verdicts. These verdicts will have been submitted from JuryMatters Jurors who live in the appropriate jurisdiction and who meet the Qualifications to Serve as a JuryMatters Juror. The Case Report will be delivered to me in a timeframe that has been mutually agreed to in advance. Should the desired number of verdicts not be available in the agreed upon timeframe, JuryMatters will give me the option of extending the deadline for verdicts or of including Jurors from surrounding jurisdictions.
My Privilege to Participate:  I agree that JuryMatters may terminate my access to this Site, and/or limit or deny my subscription to submit cases, without prior notice, for any reason, including my failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions. I understand that I must pay the agreed fee to JuryMatters for any cases that have been reviewed prior to ending my participation.