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Register With JuryMatters To Be An Online Juror
Thank you for you interest in sharing the JuryMatters experience with other Jurors from around the country!

If you’ve served on a jury before, you know that the Clerk of the Court in your community requests certain information when you are first called for Jury Duty. While the information can vary slightly from State to State, it’s always used by the Court to contact you when a trial is coming up, and by the attorneys in the courtroom to learn how you might feel about the case. If it turns out, for example, that you work for a company involved in the case, you might even be excused from serving as a juror on the case.

Registering and serving as a JuryMatters Juror are very much like this. The questions we ask when you register are similar to those asked by the Courts and are used in exactly the same way.

Please remember that your personal information (your name, email address and other contact information) will never be shared with anyone outside of JuryMatters. It will be used only by our staff to send you new cases and mail your payments for the cases you evaluate. General information (like your gender, age and profession) is shared confidentially with attorneys, but is never connected in any way with your name or other personal information.

Attorneys will know general information about the JuryMatters Jurors who evaluate their cases, but will never know your name, nor be able to contact you.

If you have any questions while you’re registering, please contact us. Please note that questions with an asterisk (*) are required to complete your registration. Thank you.