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Why JuryMatters?
You know ... the facts, the law, and your theory.

You don’t know ... how the Jury and Judge will react!

Welcome to JuryMatters: Try your case ...
before you go to trial.

Using JuryMatters’ fast, confidential and low-cost service, you’ll walk into settlement negotiations or the courtroom armed with feedback from 36 pre-screened ‘jurors’ from the relevant jurisdiction -- their verdicts, determination of liability, case valuation -- and insights on your case from experienced, judicial experts. You’ll have a clear understanding of the facts that are most important to jurors in reaching a verdict. You’ll know the strengths and the ‘holes’ of your case – from the perspective of a retired Circuit Court Judge.

JuryMatters’ detailed feedback will help you to:

  • Create reasonable client expectations on the value of the case -- helping them to make more informed settlement decisions.
  • Decide to settle or go to trial.
  • Negotiate, mediate, or arbitrate a better settlement by presenting the opposition with jury facts, not assumptions.
  • Test your arguments -- What works? What doesn’t?
  • Uncover the unseen risks of the case based upon how non-attorneys and experienced judges perceive the facts.
  • Understand the profile of the jurors you want (or don’t) on your jury in court.

In most areas, your JuryMatters Verdict Summary will arrive 10 days after the case goes to your jury and will include:

  • Your Jurors' verdicts and any awards.
  • The facts which most influenced each Juror's verdict.
  • Evidence Jurors found confusing or not credible.
  • Targeted feedback from a former Circuit Court Judge.

JuryMatters provides you a fast, low cost, less time-consuming alternative to mock trials or traditional focus groups. Click Next below to learn more. Please contact us with your questions and comments.