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About JuryMatters

JuryMatters, based in Fairfax, Virginia, is a division of The Service Impact Group, Inc. JuryMatters' Principals include:

  • SIG's founder, Maura Burke Weiner: Maura has over 25 years of research and consulting experience in helping leading companies to understand the factors that drive their customer satisfaction and loyalty. By using this customer feedback to improve their products and services, clients increase their bottom lines. SIG's clients include Johnson & Johnson, Marriott, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Travelers, Nationwide Insurance, and the White House Office of Consumer Affairs.

  • The Hon. J. Samuel Johnston (Ret.): Sam presided over more than 750 trials during his 31 years on the Circuit and General Court Benches. As part of his 20-year study of jurors, Judge Johnston has interviewed over 2,500 jurors.

Trial attorneys know the law and the facts that they must get into evidence to prove their case under the law. They know their theory of the case, their client, and opposing counsel. They may even know the Judge. But what trial attorneys never know is how the Jury will react to their case. Attorneys know the "legal elements" needed to win their case. Using JuryMatters, they will know the "juror elements" needed to win!

Jurors aren’t attorneys -- they don’t know the law until the Jury Instructions are given. By then, they've heard all the evidence. During the trial, Jurors use their own experiences and values to view the facts of the case. JuryMatters helps trial attorneys understand what's likely to be on the minds of layperson jurors, as they're listening to the evidence. We use our expertise in online research and data analysis to pinpoint what will be the "view from the Jury Box".

Our legal experts then add the "view from the Bench", using their years of experience as Judges, to highlight strengths and challenges in the case.